Being a student may be the reason why you always need to consider your budget, but that should never be a reason preventing you from traveling. Vietnam is a paradise for student tours with endless fun and exotic adventure.

Feel the vibrant vibe in big cities with student tours

If you are seeking for a place to play and get cool check-in photos, big cities like Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City need to be listed in your student tours itinerary. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have some similarities in entertaining places.

At weekends, you will see that the “hustle and bustle” of traffic in these cities disappear as they open the pedestrian streets (around Sword lake in Hanoi and Nguyễn Huệ street in Ho Chi Minh city). These are where you can feel the energy of the cities with various activities on the street such as street performances from buskers, group dancers, amateur orchestras, etc; a lot of local food vendors on the street with competitive prices.

If you are a “party” person, don’t miss the chance to go the streets meant for young like Tạ Hiện street (Hanoi) and Bùi Viện street (Ho Chi Minh city) where you can grab some beer and have some chitchats with international and local friends. Or even better, you can dive in amazing music and the energetic atmosphere when coming to the most famous bar in Hanoi – 1900s (on Tạ Hiện street) or Boheme bar if you’re on Bùi Viện street, in Ho Chi Minh city.

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Shopping in student tours

It’s easy to get some fancy stuff and glorious check-in pictures from the big shopping malls like Vincom and Lotte in large cities. However, as students, a more budgeted and interesting way is to go to the local market, not only can you find some souvenirs or specialties with better price but can also experience the street food, which is a Vietnamese signature.

In Hanoi, you can try going to the stores in the Old Quarter or the Dong Xuan Night Market. Coming to Da Nang, you can have a look at Bac My An Market and Con Market. Ben Thanh Market will be the representative of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s easy to find things you need in large markets and all you need is bargaining skills to have the best deal.

Best food in the world

Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its full of flavors and spices. Having some street food on the pathway is a normal thing you’re gonna see in Vietnam and also what makes it special. You can try various types of noodles like Phở, Bún chả, Bún đậu mắm tôm, etc. You are hurried and you are hungry, grab some Bánh mì – the Vietnamese sandwich with any filling you like (grilled pork, beef, fried egg, etc) and it will make your day.

Learning to dip food with fish sauce is also the key to make your food experience more delighting. Phở cuốn (spring roll), nem lụi, bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake) going with a perfect bowl of fish sauce may make you love Vietnamese food even more. It is possible to have an amazing food trip in student tours with a few dollars!

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