Religious freedom in friendly Vietnam and 2 major religions you need to know

Officially, friendly Vietnam is known as an atheist country, which means the residents are free to follow religion as long as it doesn’t against the country’s legal. In Vietnam, you can find many kinds of religion and the followers in general hardly had any argument due to the different beliefs.

The Government also supports all residence on some special occasions of celebration such as Christmas, new year’s eve and lunar new year. Many foreigners saw Vietnam as a friendly country in terms of religion and belief.

Besides some religions such as Islam, Cao Dai, Confucianism, Buddhism and Roman Catholicism have the most followers. Below are all the information you may need to know about these 2 famous religions and how they affect Vietnamese people’s life.

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1. Buddhism – the most influenced religion in Vietnam

Hardly is there any information about exactly the time when Buddhism appeared in Vietnam. However, following all the documentary left, in the 2nd century, Vietnam had already become the Buddhism center. Buddhism was popular with almost all residents at any social level.

The development

Buddhism in Vietnam always remains its unique characteristics; there is the incorporation of Buddhism and 2 other traditional religion – Confucianism and Taoism to form the triple region (Tam Giao). Tam Giao has brought a set of behavior rules that Vietnamese people use as the measurement of moral as well as educate their children.

The influence of Buddhism

Not only a religion, Buddhism even become the inspiration in fashion, architecture, and literature. The evidence of Buddhism development in Vietnam can be proved by the number of pagoda and temple in each city, province. Some pagodas are extremely famous in Vietnam that every tourist wants to visit when they travel to this Asian country. Most famous pagodas having been mentioned are One pillar pagoda (Hanoi), Bai Dinh pagoda (Ninh Binh), Huong pagoda (Ha Tay), Linh Ung pagoda (Da Nang)…

In terms of literature, some character appears in folk and short story such as Guan Yin, Buddha is the symbol of Buddhism. Also in fashion, it is easy to see some images representing this religion like lotus, temples on ao dai, shirt or dress.

2. Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism is the most popular Christianity, which is about 7% of the population in Vietnam.

The development

In the 16th century, Roman Catholicism entered Vietnam thanks to Jesuit missionaries especially Alexandre de Rhodes. Following Latin script, he had created the alphabet for the Vietnamese language, which was after that known as the national language. After entering Vietnam, Catholicism had the support of the Nguyen dynasty, in specific Gia Long to be spread out via a variety of methods. After the independence of Vietnam, Roman Catholicism continues to develop, followers come to Church occasionally and maintain their belief.

Famous Churches

Sapa stone church, Hanoi Cathedral, Phat Diem Stone Cathedral, Saigon Notre – Dame Cathedral are some famous Churches that you can visit.

Besides the official followers of these 2 regions, most people in Vietnam do not follow any religion. However, following the traditional folk religion, they still come to pagodas to pray for themselves and their family members. Also, Vietnamese people all pay respect toward ancestor, nature and even some gods via worshipping. The ancestor altar is arranged in the most solemn location in the house and people will prepare some feast or fruits for the cult on special occasions.

Traveling to friendly Vietnam to experience a gorgeous country, learn more about culture and religion in each province. Exotic Indochina will help you to have such a best trip at an affordable price.

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