Located in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam is one of the best country for travelling, experience extraordinary landscapes and rich culture. Visiting the country and you will love friendly Vietnamese people, delicious traditional food, charming beaches and modern cities never sleeping right away.

Vietnam Overview

There is no doubt that Vietnam is on of the most enchanting country in Southeast Asia. Surrounded by Cambodia and Laos in the West , China in the North, Vietnam owns the long coastline and a wide range of mountains and deltas along the country. In terms of people, Vietnam has up to 54 ethnic groups. The largest one is Kinh which accounts for 86%, mostly live in delta areas. Other ethnic minority groups are in mountainous area such as Lao Cai, Son La, Tay Nguyen…Each has their own culture and belief, live  peacefully among others.

The official language is Vietnamese. However some ethnic group still maintain their own and  considered it as their second language.

Vietnamese people always proud of their rich and long history which include many years protecting country from invasion. After the war, Vietnam has developed quickly and be famous for the peaceful environment, growing finance and society. Nowadays, the country become an potential place attracting many investors domestically and internationally. The growth in every sectors from agriculture, industry and expeccially service and tourism during the last 20 years is remarkable.

Applying technology in every aspects, adapting new knowledge from abroad, the Government also focus on maintain the folk region, traditional culture which play an important role in Vietnamese life.

Rightnow, the whole country is making efforts to develop sustainably, rapidly grow at the same time protecting environment, reducing pollution, creating a green Vietnam image.

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Hanoi, the appealing capital of Vietnam, attracts tourists by its unique architecture, famous prominent sites and rich cultural heritage. Some places attracting tourists most ars Grand Opera House, the Presidential Palace, Temple of Literature. Surrounded by the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake is the center of Hanoi. It is said that if you want to experience the life of an Hanoian, you need to try living near Hoan Kiem Lake, in the Old Quarter. Following the small streets, tourist can try many type of street food with the cheapest price. There, the houses is small, some old fashioned, builded since the French colonial time. Walking around Ta Hien, Ma May Street, have some beer and street food, making friends, talking until mid night, that is the modern life of a developing capital.


Compared to Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh City is more modern, opened and is the headquarter of many big corporation on Vietnam. Life in Saigon is fast but people here always know how to relax and enjoy every moment. The city never sleep, in weekend, until early morning, you still can see people going around, having fun along the street.

There are also many historical places to come so you can understand more about the development of largest city in Vietnam such as  War Remnants Museum, French-built Reunification Palace. If you are young and finding modern, chilling places to have fun with friend, dance in the bar, just come to the backpacker street Bui Vien.

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Known as the most worth-living city in Vietnam, Da Nang welcomes thousands of tourist per month. People come there to explore beautiful beaches, charming island, experience a peaceful life. If you are a beach lover this is definitely a city for you. The food is great and cheap, people are sincere and friendly, some just come to Da Nang for travelling and never want to leave this beautiful place. Beside the beaches, you can also visit some famous pagodas in Marble Mountains or enjoy sightseeing in the foot of  Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda with the famous Lady Buddha statue.

Together with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang is also a center of society, economy and education of Vietnam. The infrastructure is developing every year, the service in tourism is appreciated by many tourists having chance to experience this attractive city.


Located in the North of Vietnam, Sapa is the mountainous area where many ethnic minority group inhabit. It take about 8 hours from Hanoi to Sapa and you will totally love this province because of the beautiful valleys, peaceful village and rich culture. People can enroll a trekking tour to walk throughout some small village, trying the food, talking with local people, taking photos with childrens here. Recently, tourism in Sapa grow fast, right now you can take the cable car to the Fansipan – known as the top of Indochina. From there, tourist will enjoy the view of whole Sapa, such an unforgettable memory.

Some of the traditional dishes you cannot miss when coming to Sapa are sticky rice cooked in bamboo, thang co, grilled pork and fish, smoked meat. Everything is so delicious, you can find the food anywhere both in the center of the province and in the small village.

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Famous for the most enchanting bay in Vietnam, Halong is always tourists’ first choice. There, you can book a tour to all the islands, enjoy the beach life or come to Sun World Ha Long Complex to try many type of entertainments. Following the coastal line is the main street where many restaurants, convenient stores and local shops locate. In the evening, chilling in the beach, having some juice or beer, relaxing with family will be an ideal activity.

Coming to Vietnam, besides those places above, you also should not forget to visit Phu Quoc, Ha Giang, Hue, Hoi An. All are beautiful and bring the greatest experience to understand more about Vietnam famous place and people.



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