Vietnam is situated in Southeast Asia, the country’s shape reminds of an S. It is divided into three main areas: The North, The Center and The South with Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). Although there are some common threads between the cuisines of these areas, each boasts its own individual features.

In northern Vietnam, food tends to be less spicy and black pepper is the most popular favored. However, in Central Vietnam, boasts complex mixtures of spicy flavors because people are very good at eating spicy food here. Besides, Southern Vietnamese cuisine tends to be sweeter than the other ones.

Here are some guides that help you know what the best Vietnamese food is in three main areas and what to order when you are in Vietnam.


Pho is one of the most traditional Vietnamese cuisines of the North, especially in Hanoi. It is essentially Vietnam’s signature dish, comprising rice noodles in a flavorful soup with meat and various greens, plus a little fermented fish or chili sauce.

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Ngu Xa Rolled Pho

Rolled Pho is basically all the ingredients of Pho, but without the soup. It consists of the beef, vegetables, basil and all rolled up in a wide rice noodle.

Cha ca

People who live in Hanoi consider “Cha ca” to be so exceptional that there is a street in here dedicated to these fried morsels of fish.

Bun cha

If Pho is the most famous dish in Vietnam, bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in Hanoi. It includes Vietnamese pork meatball and noodle salad.

Egg Coffee

Egg coffee (called “Cà phê trứng” in Vietnamese) was first invented by Nguyen Giang in 1946. The original version was a bit, well, eggy. But nowadays the recipe was changed with the addition of sugar, condensed milk. Egg coffee is a staple of Hanoi coffee culture and a must-try thing while in Hanoi! Giang cafe is hidden down an alleyway on Nguyen Huu Huan street (Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan). There are also numerous varieties of the best food in Hanoi. Let’s enjoy with Exotic Indochina to experience every single dish.

Vegetarian food

One of the best things in Hanoi is this city being filled with affordable food, diversified vegetables. Some famous restaurants are bound to satisfy vegetarians, such as An Phuc Vegetarian Food, Loving Hut, Buffet Chay An Lac, Tinh Thuc Quan – Vegetarian Buffet…

Mi Quang (Vietnamese turmeric noodles)

Mi Quang may be available at most restaurants in Vietnam, but it actually originates from Quang Nam. This popular dish is convenient because people can consider it in all meals of a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late dinner.

Bun bo Hue

Hue beef noodle soup is a famous Vietnamese food from the South to the North. Now, it is sold everywhere, but only in Hue City, you can feel the full flavor and unique taste. It is spicier than Pho.

Banh Xeo

Banh xeo has a few ingredients inside such as shrimp, a few slices of pork, squid and bean sprouts. You can eat this dish day or night, in restaurants or even on the streets.

Vietnamese Crepes Banh Xeo 2

Fresh Seafood

Seafood in Da Nang is so fresh and plentiful. The bustling city’s location on the shore of the Eastern Sea.

Hue’s Food for Vegetarians

It is said that “Vietnam is not the best country to visit as a vegetarian”, but Hue is considered as an exception since it has a strong tradition of vegetarianism. Vegetarian hot pot is the most vegetarian dish in Hue people eat. It is considered as a special in Vietnamese food hot pot and also vegetarian style has it too. Fried rice with vegetables is also for rice lovers. If you love tofu, you can try many dishes such as tofu with tomato, fried tofu with lemongrass, noodle with tofu.

Lau mam (Salted fish Hot pot)

Most people in Southern are familiar with this dish. It attracts people with its savory soup. It is also eaten with vermicelli or bun in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Crepes Banh Xeo 2

Banh xeo

Banh xeo is famous all over the world with its yellow color, crispy edge, flavorful fillings. You can either enjoy this dish at lunch or dinner whenever you want.

Com tam

Com tam is seasoned with sweet fish sauce and the juice of BBQ pork chop and green onion oil.

Canh chua (Sweet and sour soup)

This soup is considered a traditional soup of the Mekong Delta region. It is added more salt, sugar, fish sauce to make the taste sour and sweet at the same time. Canh chua includes fish, pineapple, tomato, bean sprouts…



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